Spectrophotometer Calibration & Maintenance

HunterLab instruments deliver perfect color control even with variations in fabric rolls and dispersed global facilities. Our instruments offer numerical color values ensuring that shades are completely consistent from roll to roll, and plant to plant. We even offer instruments designed to measure larger fabric areas for more precise results. They give you fast, dependable color answers throughout the manufacturing process.

Color Test Calibration and Maintenance

Meeting All Your Challenges

HunterLab offers the broadest range of solutions in the industry including portable, benchtop or online instruments tailored to every need and budget.

Industry-Leading Innovation And Experience

HunterLab instruments combine rock solid reliability with innovative human eye technology for color perfection. It's all backed by sixty years of color measurement leadership and support giving you the truest color quality in the world from the company whose founder pioneered color quality control.

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Color Test Equipment Maintenance