MiniScan EZ 4500L Spectrophotometer

The MiniScan EZ 4500L is a large area view 45 degree circumferential illumination and 0 degree viewing spectrophotometer.

Test Color Outdoors with MiniScan

MiniScan EZ is a portable, reflected-color measurement spectrophotometer.

HunterLab's most popular handheld spectrophotometer provides a 31.8 mm port size that has a 25mm viewed area. The large viewed area makes this unit suitable for a wide range of sample types, such as fabrics, paper, powders, granules and liquids when measured through a sample cup.

Measure Color Portably with MiniScan EZ
  • Available with 45°/0° or diffuse/8° geometry and large area or small area view

  • Light weight and rubberized handle for operator comfort

  • Easy one handed operation with thumb-tip navigation of functions

  • Large, easy to read LCD graphical display

  • Displays color data, color difference data, color plot, spectral data, spectral data difference, spectral plot, spectral difference plot

  • Includes all commonly used color scales and indices

  • Averages up to 20 sample readings

  • Stores 100 standards and 800 sample measurements
MiniScan EZ Features

USB Flexible Keyboard


88 character keyboard allows user to enter IDs directly into ColorFlex EZ.

USB Flexible Keyboard

USB Barcode Reader


Barcode Scanner scans product IDs directly into ColorFlex EZ. Automatically detected at USB port.

USB Barcode Reader

USB Printer


USB printer allows hard copy measurements to be printed. Requires a standard USB cable, sold separately. Uses Thermal Printer paper, sold separately.

L02-1014-440 Thermal Printer Paper (5 rolls per package)

Thermal printer paper for use with A13-1014-259 USB Printer.

USB Printer

Skein Holder


Used for measuring yarns and string skeins to support them flush and flat at the port for measurement.

Skein Holder

MSEZ 45°/0° LAV Nose Cone with Screw-On Polycarbonate Port


Provides a user-installable, modified nose cone base with a replaceable A02- 1014-428 screw-on end cap with polycarbonate port.

A02-1014-428 MSEZ 45°/0° LAV Replacement Screw-On Polycarbonate End Cap

Replacement screw-on end cap with polycarbonate port for D02-1014-427 MSEZ Nose Cone that can be user-installed in the field.

LAV Nose Cone with Screw-On Polycarbonate Port
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