D25 NC Spectrophotometer

Evolutionary. Revolutionary

Combining its unique automated motion with the ability to measure and average up to 5 readings per second, the D25 NC is unsurpassed in its ability to accurately measure large, irregular shaped samples of any type. From beans and chips, to plastic pellets, the D25 NC is the ultimate choice for color measurement.

Measure Color Irregular of Irregular Shape with D25NC
  • Automated non-contact color measurement

  • Large Sample Area View: up to 129 cm² (20 in²)

  • Simple sample set up: 'Pour, Place & Measure'

  • Easy clean-up and maintenance

  • Repeatable measurement of irregularly shaped and colored samples

  • Stand-alone operation also compatible with EasyMatch QC Data Analysis Software

  • Compact design requires minimum bench space

  • Easy-to-read color display provides simple built-in user interface

  • Low power consumption

*D25 NC replaces discontinued D25LT model

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