Food Color Measurement

Food is not only an essential ingredient to life and the survival of a human being; it is also used to celebrate, calm and comfort, as much as to satisfy one's appetite. For food manufacturers and producers around the globe, maintaining consistency of the color of their food products is not only a statement about their product quality, it is a quality statement about their brand. This is why 95 of the world's top food producers rely on the performance and reliability of HunterLab - the worlds most trusted color quality experts.

Test Color of Food

Meeting All Your Challenges

Perception of food flavor is closely tied to its color. It's been proven time and again through the science of sensory analysis, and believed to be a result of 'cognitive expectations' in human beings. HunterLab understands our customers' need for precise food color management, whether it is the color of snack foods, beverages or tomato products, and is unsurpassed in designing easy-to-use solutions for food's hard-to-measure sizes, shapes and textures. HunterLab was the first company to receive USDA approval for the instrumental evaluation of food color, and many of the world's top food producers rely on HunterLab solutions for color quality control of their products, including Kraft, PepsiCo/Frito-Lay, Kellogg's, Keebler, General Mills, Entenmanns, Stroehmann, Bremners, Arnolds, George Weston Bakeries and Mondelez.

HunterLab offers the broadest range of solutions in the food industry including portable, benchtop and online instruments tailored to every need and budget.

Industry-Leading Innovation And Experience

Dedicated to worldwide support through local representation, HunterLab provides over 60 years of experience to meet the color measurement needs of customers around the world. We offer the industry's most comprehensive set of end-to-end solutions - an integrated package of resources, from the complete array of instrumentation, software, and support services to training, education, and decades of application knowledge.

Baked Goods

Test Color of Baked Goods

Bread, cereal, crackers, cakes, chips and more.


Test Color of Beverages

Measure color, transmission and turbidity.


Test Color of Cereals

Make sure your cereal passes the testing phase.


Test Color of Fruits

Instruments for all fruits and fruit related products.


Test Color of Ingredients

Ingredient color determines whether food will be tasted.


Test Color of Meat

Beef, veal, lamb, pork, chicken and more.

Sauces & Dressings

Test Color of Sauces and Dressings

Ketchup, mustard, Italian and more.

Snack Foods

Test Color of Snack Foods

Keep snack food color the same with each batch.

Tomato Products

Test Color of Tomato Products

We evaluate all tomato color standards.